About me

Awwww (im still this cute)

Were do I begin. First i’l start with hello maybe? My names Mike and “I Like Teh Video Games” as a wise man once said.

I created this blog in 2011, mainly due to graduate boredom, but also to let an industry I love read (and probably ignore) my thoughts. Well I wasn’t ignored and this blog got a 2012 Games Media Award nomination,Yay :D

Been a gamer since the SNES/Megadrive era and invest my time in a varied amount of gaming genres.  From Pokemon to COD I love it all and just like you I also hope one day for a Pokemon FPS.

I live in London town and  graduated with a BSc Degree in Digital Media (2011) with a 2:1 and am currently working at Sony in London, which is good fun!

I do work in VideoGames (yaay). As a gamer it was a dream come true getting this job and fingers crossed it will allow me to progress in the industry.

Now for the juicy bit. I do most of my gaming on my PS3 (Slim 320gb), I have a neglected Xbox360 (Slim 250gb). I own a sweet gaming PC and Laptop but I rarely use them for gaming due to “meh”

Portable gaming I own a  much loved Vita and a PSP which has lived in my draw for a few years now. And of course a 3DS XL, I’m a streetpass whore.

Hope you enjoy my blog and if you want to get in contact with me for any reason just click here.

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