Christmas Win and The Last of Us

Christmas Win and The Last of Us

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Had a crazy couple of days lately. First the 7Bit Arcade Awards Party, which was awesome. I won the award for best profile picture. Would have a crime if my horribly vain pic didn’t win tbh! Yesterday was the Sony Playstation Christmas party, based in a stupidly beautiful venue in Central London. Free booze was on call all night, this obviously mean’t as the night dragged on it started to get messy 😛 I hauled ass outta there quite quickly the minute I started slurring my words.

Remember last week when I won swag at the IGN Party? Well I won something again this week. No skill involved this time, just pure luck of the draw on a raffle. It’s a well known fact that I loathe Champagne, yet look what I won last night…..

Right, enough about my scarily active social life. Now onto some GAMES. I was lucky enough to see the trailer for The Last Of Us before the VGA’s. I was quite worried as to how people would take to it, is this too much of a departure for Naughty Dog? Does the girl look too much like Ellen Page? But overall, people have warmed to it.

I won’t dissect the trailer as this has been done a million times by better dissecters(?) than me. What I hope is that this game is truely about SURVIVAL, you get a deep sense of desperation in the trailer and I hope this sticks on the gameplay aswell. Don’t task me with having to protect one of the last people on Earth and give me a small armoury to play with. I wan’t to worry if I don’t have enough bullets or med-packs. The trailer gives of a moody and bleak atmosphere and for me personally this will be ruined if i’m armed to the teeth.


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